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This is a Bantu saying which freely translated means:

“All children have equal rights”

This implies that, irrespectively of religion, gender, ethnical background or way of life, all children should have an opportunity in life and should have a right to basic security, medical care and education.

In an area like East Africa a child’s start in life is quite different from that of a child in Western countries. Problems like poverty, war and Aids make his or her prospects in this “forgotten” continent not very hopeful. Often at a young age children end up on the streets and are left to their fate. Besides poverty, there has been an alarming rise in the number of Aids orphans in the last few years. Just in Uganda there are about 1.5 million children below the age of eighteen that have lost at least one of their parents. Many children are left on their own an end up on the streets or are at anearly age burdened with the care for their family so they cannot go to school.

Bona baana helps organisations to start small-scale and durable projects. Particularly the local initiatives that spring from the wishes and the needs of the local people themselves have a big chance of success. This is where Bona Baana wants to come in.
Our procedure is that we link up with organisations in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Apart from actually providing funds and know-how, we think it is of prime importance that we we learn from each other’s cultures with mutual respect. Quite often this is not part of customary development aid. Our philosophy implies that we only support those initiatives that lead to better lives for a whole group of people and that respect human values and ecology as well.

Partner Organisations:

In a number of East African countries we have linked up with local organisations that try to help deprived children.
  •  Care for Ohters in Soroti, Uganda
  •  Masanafu Child and Family Support (MCAFS) in Masanafu, Uganda
  •  Mirembe Girls Training Centre in Kampala and Nsanvu, Uganda
  •  People for People in Kigali and Nyamata, Rwanda
  •  Teenage Mother Association Kenya (TEMAK) in Kisumu and Katolo, Kenya
We work together with these organisations and establish a bond of friendship.

What do they actually do?

Training centres:

Many drop-out children have hardly had any primary education. Following adapted trade education offers them a chance to get out of the vicious circle of poverty. After a period of learning and working, they can get a small loan and start a small business, individually or together with others. Once the business is going well, they can give other young people a chance to learn a trade. There are numerous organisations in East Africa that ask for help with this kind of approach.

Programmes for Girls:

Girls from slum areas are in an even more vulnerable position. Quite often they have not been to school or hardly so. Illiteracy and unemployment put htem in a position without any prospects. That is why many of these often young girls turn to prostitution. They run a high risk of becoming infected with HIV/AIDS. An organisation in Kampala wants to start a programme to get more attention for their problems. Through more public awareness and more co-operation new prospects will arise for these girls.

How do we work?
Bona Baana
  • is an intermediary between local organisations and the right sponsors.
  • regularly organises activities who benefits the organisation.
  • provides information to schools and institutions.
  • wants to motivate volunteers to do charitywork.
  • makes students and volunteers to work in the field
  • keeps its sponsors informed throught the Bona Baana newsletter that is published twice a year
  • has a low overhead sins over 15 years.
  • is ANBI regestered

Would you like to support us with a donation?
You can remit your donation to bank account Iban: NL89INGB0008081622, t.n.v. Bona Baana.
If you donate 10 euro or more a year you will receive our newsletter twice a year and you will support our projects for deprived youngsters.